Are you wondering why there is a charge from PAY FLOW PRO LA VISTA NE in your credit card? You are in the correct website. We are sad to inform you that you may have suffered a scam from PAY FLOW PRO LA VISTA NE. Credit card scams are a pretty normal thing when buying online, usually when people buy things in unknown sites and also on phishing actions taken by hackers.

Our users voted a total of 44 times, and 42 voted that it is a SCAM CHARGE.


PAY FLOW PRO LA VISTA NE credit charge is the number 984 in our database. The charge comes from a fraudulent company transaction in Barbados. Not funny huh? Every month 150 people come here by typing pro la vista ne or similar terms.

What to do if your credit card has been charged?

  • You can search for the official website where they show information on how to tackle this kind of situations.
  • Also, you can check on the official VISA or Mastercard websites to ask for help, or open a dispute on PayPal.
  • If any of this solutions don’t work for you, we recommend you to go to your local bank office and ask for help, they are prepared to tacke this kind of credit card scam things.

PAY FLOW PRO LA VISTA NE credit charge was first spotted at 24 on Wednesday, 2012.

What people are saying about the scam...
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  1. Penelope Phillips · Med at Humana Hospital Orlando, Fl
    They have gotten me three months in a row. $60.00, 30.00, 30.00. I need help. I am a 70 yr. old woman living on social security. I have never heard of these people and certainly never okayed these charges.

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